Registered Company Name Search India

With re-application the procedure has to begin from the starting of Trademark Public Search. To serve a person or entity in any company or professional field in connection with trademark search, we go via the database of registered trademarks in the exact same field, and also through the database of all filed trademark applications connected with the field of our client, in order to declare the trademark of our client uniquely various from the trademarks of other people today and entities in the similar occupational field.This is since the trademark registration course of action takes around 9 to 16

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Application For Trademark Renewal Online In India

As an e-commerce platform helping small as well as huge brands start their own online stores, we at Zepo , regularly come across entrepreneurs asking us about how to register their brands as trademarks.The on line application shortens the renewal course of action from the existing period of at least 1 year to a maximum of 14 operating days. Though not trademark registration , an organization depends only upon widespread law rights inside the geographic region throughout which it makes use of the trademark.

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